Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fin Del Mundo Marathon Tuesday 6th March

Thankfully, yesterday’s snow had all but disappeared as we boarded the coaches taking us to the start of the race. The drive out provided a great chance to inspect the early stages of the course… hills, hills and more hills. Unfortunately we had to wave goodbye to Lou at the hotel. Racing in the Antarctica Marathon had aggravated a recurring knee injury and she'd been forced to make the disappointing decision to sit this one out.

Complete with camouflage the local soldiers provided much of the marshalling for the event, including a welcome cup of tea as we waited in the cold for the race to begin. Entering into the spirit of things the same guys were all there at the finish to greet the runners – some of them choosing to swap their fatigues for giant penguin suits!

The first 18kms through the Tierra Del Fuego National Park was incredibly scenic and time passed quickly, despite dodging potholes and negotiating cattle grids on the dirt tracks. Coming out the shelter of the mountains was like hitting a concrete wall with the high winds, coming off the Beagle Channel, slowing almost everyone. I had taken an unspoken decision to run the course with my brother and we cunningly took turns to draft each other and managed to pick up a few places.

Surprisingly I felt fine after last week’s marathon until the last 10km when my muscles began to tighten and were quite leaden. Digging deep and willing each other on we managed to sustain our steady 5 minute per kilometre pace until the very end and crossed the line together. To be honest the time didn’t really matter, the achievement for me was completing 2 marathons within 8 days and raising a nice amount of money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

With the way my legs are feeling now, I can safely say that I will be hanging up my running shoes for some time. Or at least until someone suggests another crazy adventure…

I’m now going to enjoy a few days of sunshine in Buenos Aires and will post a final blog soon.


News Chick said...

You're amazing.


Anonymous said...

Well done guys (& gals) guess you've run & paddled your names into the records books - shame it was'nt a triathalon - Matthew might have at least got a silver to go with his gold & bronze! Never mind, surely there's the team event(s) to come. Enjoy your rest & recuperation - you'll need it to be able to carry the silverware home! Ron (Dad)

Robert Mann said...


Sitting here with Nicola, curled up by the logfire, with only the glow of an Apple laptop to warm our cockles! She says your legs are looking a bit scrawny, as opposed to beefing them up, she reckons they've slimmed right down!! Anyway, her question was are you doing the Marathon des Sables next? But that would just be mad though...

Seriously, well done. Beer in order when you're back, enjoy BA and go easy on the tango.

Nicola & Rob in sunny Osterley.

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys. 2 in 8 days is an incredible achievement not to mention an Antarctic one. Enjoy the rest.


Anonymous said...

pure class, what an adventure, so impressed, enjoy the chill out now, safe journey back, take care, Rod

Anonymous said...

Well done guys! You, your adventures, your pics - all are just amazing!! Time to rest those little legs!

Safe trip home,

Lee-Jade & Davie

Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing! I cannot imagine the sense of achievement you must be feeling.
Tom and I were in Berlin last week - and I thought it was cold there!!!
Can't wait to catch up with you both back in London...before we move to Cumbria.
Enjoy the sun in the last leg of your most memorable trip ever.
Ush x

Anonymous said...

Well done both of you. Fantastic!
Enjoy your rest. Lots of love Mum said...

Hello Nathan and Louise! Please let me know your emails so I can send you my trip photos. (Sorry, they are not included in the list from Ginny.) Hope all is well! It was such a pleasure to meet you, Best wishes, Melissa (You can delete this post after. Thanks!)