Saturday, February 17, 2007

10 Hours To Take-off

Phew... I think we're pretty much ready to go after a rather hectic day.

I was up with the sunrise to fit in the last 'real' training run - 14 miles round Richmond Park. But at least, this morning, I was in good company - James Cracknell, of Olympic rowing fame, tore past me on several occasions. But even more impressive than the early morning mist, the herds of deer and colourful woodpeckers was a sprinting celebrity of Family Fortunes fame.

In preparation for the stormy voyage to Antarctica I've just tried some alternative therapy. Along with the wristbands, the ginger tablets and the traditional medication I've now also been 'tapped' in the hope that I won't suffer from sea-sickness. A good friend who's an EFT practitioner popped round and after an hour of tapping on various meridians and a little positive reinforcement I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to handle whatever the Southern Oceans have in store. I'll keep you posted on whether it all works!

Next stop Buenos Aires...

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Colin Harris said...

Good luck. What fantastic experience. I'm sure your treasure the experience for the rest of your life. The scenery looks amazing.