Tuesday, February 27, 2007

12 hours to go…Part Two

Guest editor - Louise

Today we thought two entries were appropriate given our very different feelings towards tomorrow’s run (my word) / race (Nathan’s word). Most people I know have taken part in some running event; from the popular Race for Life 5kms to marathons in remote islands off the West Coast of Scotland and I know you will understand the nervous feeling preceding that starting gun especially if you’ve never completed that distance before or the terrain is unfamiliar. I can only describe the emotions I’m currently feeling as magnified 10 fold that of my first marathon less than 10 months ago.
When I woke this morning I became acutely aware of every ache, pain and twitch in my body. A ‘brief’ list of my ailments include; nose bleeds, congestion, blurred vision, headaches, dodgy knee (fellow runner and physio Matt Tyler shook his head in despair yesterday and declared my IT band as ‘nuts’!), my toenails are black and blistered and my feet are fit only for a part as an extra in Lord of the Rings. ‘What a hypochondriac’ you cry and I agree. Running is a hugely indulgent sport and being so obsessed with all our injury woes allows us, perhaps, to ready our excuses in the event of failure.

Failure, if I am honest, is my greatest fear. This trip has been 2 years in the planning and has only been possible because of the generous support of our friends and family. Most importantly many people have sponsored us to complete the marathon and I feel like I would be cheating them if I only get half way round. But putting this all into perspective, this is a once in a lifetime experience and I will hopefully find time tomorrow to take in the incredible scenery and remember to enjoy myself!


West said...

All the very best with the run/race! I'm in awe at what you're both doing. The pictures look amazing. Trust in your training and preparation and I'm sure you'll both be fine!

Best of luck to you both and everyone else attempting the marathon!

Anonymous said...

WOW the pictures are amazing. I'm just loving following your blog. Hope the race/run/marathon (whatever you're choosing to call it) has gone well, what a fantastic experience to have (whatever the outcome). I'm so proud of you guys and quite put to shame by Ludmila! Nat try the tapping again for the return trip starting with "even though I don't think this will work and it's a waste of time...." "even though I know I'm going to be sick anyway because I always am..." etc. Good luck love Mel x