Monday, February 19, 2007

We've arrived

Apologies for not posting earlier - 21 hours of travel have taken their toll and last night it was pretty much straight to bed on arrival in sultry Buenos Aires, but not before quickly scoffing a Snickers from the mini-bar (for those old enough to remember they used to be called 'Marathons' and this sort of felt like a good omen!)I will post a blog later on the joys of a long distance running diet...

Boarding the plane yesterday and attempting to decipher the PA announcements I realised one crucial thing for the trip had been forgotten... learning Spanish. A rather sizeable oversight when spending time in Argentina. Efforts to use the odd niceties I do know seemed to fail miserably. When spoken to in Argentinian Spanish (which is peppered with Italian colloquialisms) I'm thrown into something of a linguistic flap and find myself unable to manage anything other than a confused look.

The guidebook was quickly consulted for an in-flight language crash course but alas my liberal use of "Hola" and "gracias" have so far proved unable to hide my ignorance. The fact that most people reply in English would certainly suggest that they've seen through my incompetence. This doesn't bode well for the 10 days at sea where the entire crew are Russian!

I'm now off for a run before it gets too hot (it is already 25 degrees outside).


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Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, am loving the blog thing, brill, like your marathon omen haha, a tip i got from an endurance athlete was to have a wee pouch full of jellie babies to scoff at that point in the event when ye feel like giving up, maybe worth adding that to your finely tuned marathon diet. Am well impressed with the fund raising, i'll go and dig deep in pocket for yees. All the best for the journey to the ice!, sounds like if ye get through that in one piece then the race will be a skoosh. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes... hi to Lou, cheers Rod